Where The Global Majority Shines

Friday is a marketing agency that builds meaningful relationships between brands and diverse audiences.

We know what it’s like to feel tokenised or overlooked. That’s why we’re committed to building long-lasting connections that stand the test of time.

We reject gimmicks and quick fixes. Through our holistic, truthful approach to marketing, we create work that resonates deeply in an ever-diversifying world.

Our Services


 We conduct extensive research to holistically understand the values, preferences and behaviours of diverse communities – providing our clients with a comprehensive understanding of their target market. 


 We carefully connect the dots of our findings, creating bespoke strategies, targeted outreach, localised marketing and strategic partnerships. By decoding cultural and local nuances, we help clients unlock the potential of these growing markets.


 Our ability to understand, embrace and navigate cultural sensitivities ensures that our work feels relevant, embedded and in tune with local contexts. This autheticity is key to fostering genuine connections with your audience.

Our Work

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